Icons are added as icon_resources

    windows = [
            "script": "with_gui.py",
            "icon_resources": [(1, "myicon.ico")]

The same practice works as well for console and windows scripts. The resource number does not seem to matter. Windows just takes the first existing icon.

/!\ if somebody knows how to add small and large icons, speak up...

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does the resource number refers to the icon's index in the .ico file (if containing > 1 icons) ? -- [mailto:dswsh@plasa.com dody wijaya]

How to add small and large icons

You must create ico file with two icons in one. Your icon file must contain small ico (size: 16*16 pixels) and large ico (size: 32*32 pixels). For WindowsXP you probably may create a big ico (48*48) - but it's only for XP. Almost all popular icon editors can create complex icon with small and large part in one. For instance, [http://www.x2studios.com/index.php?page=products&id=11 LiquidIcon] is a freeware icon editor that lets you combine multiple ico files of different sizes and bit-depths into a single ico file.

Now I've managed to give an icon to my program, but when the program starts, a standard Windows icon shows up in the window's title bar and in the task bar button (instead of my custom icon). Is there a way I can fix that myself, or is that a current limitation of py2exe?