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Filename Case Matters

If your program works OK on one drive or filing system but not on another, or builds correctly on one filing system but not another, the problem may be due to case-mangling of filenames.


Otherwise inexplicable errors about modules not being found. These will be modules whose names are mixed-case (e.g. UserDict). This can affect .dll names too.

Likely causes

Netware or other filesystems that force "8.3" filenames to upper case, or Samba filesystems with either "preserve case = No" or "short preserve case = No" in smb.conf.


  • Build and execute only on a local hard drive.
  • Set up Samba with "preserve case = Yes" and "short preserve case = Yes".
  • Netware seems to preserve case of filenames contained in a folder if the folder itself has a long name.

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