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== os.popen ==
 * ["os.popen"] If you're getting failures when the CWD is a UNC path like {{{\\host\dirname\...}}}
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 * Py2exeAndPyQt If you're getting `File "qt.pyc", line 7, in __load Import Error: No module named sip`, read this
 * Py2exeAndPyQt If you're getting {{{File "qt.pyc", line 7, in __load Import Error: No module named sip}}}, read this
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Working with Various Packages and Modules




logging module

  • LoggingModule - Getting the %(filename)s format string working in the python logging module.


  • MatPlotLib - Fixing and including configuration information for this plotting package.


  • If you're getting No scipy-style subpackage 'xxx' found in c:\...\library.zip\numpy. Ignoring, try --skip-archive option.

  • If you're using numarray and numpy together, be aware that they both have a _sort, and py2exe gets them confused. After py2exe creates the dist directotry, copy numpy/core/_sort.pyd and numarray/sort.pyd to their respective locations in the dist.


  • ["os.popen"] If you're getting failures when the CWD is a UNC path like \\host\dirname\...


  • ["PIL and py2exe"] If you're getting cannot identify image file, read this


  • ["Py2exeAndPyGTK"] A recipe for py2exe and PyGTK


  • Py2exeAndPyQt If you're getting File "qt.pyc", line 7, in __load Import Error: No module named sip, read this

Python Eggs

  • ExeWithEggs - A recipe for creating an .exe out of eggs


Python ADODB modules

  • ADODB package Modules named adodb_xxx (like adodb_mysql) are not added automatically, must be added explicitly


  • ["Py2exeAndPyXML"] If you're getting File "xml\sax\saxexts.pyc", line 77, in make_parser; xml.sax._exceptions.SAXReaderNotAvailable: No parsers found, read this.


Quixote is a pythonivc toolkit for web pages which allows one to execute ptl files using ihooks. You can distribute your web application with medusa or twisted and hence you can create a web application without IIS or Apache.

I like to distribute my application with py2exe but I can not make py2exe setup script to recognize that x.ptl is a valid python files. Any idea how to do this? - impossible: ["Quixote & py2exe"] HAM20040602


  • ["PIL and reportlab"] If you've read ["PIL and py2exe"] and still get cannot identify image file, read this


  • ScipyImportProblems Using py2exe with scipy ends up with missing cephes and __cvs_version__ messages. Here is a fix.



  • TixSetup - Including the Tix DLL and Tcl files to make Tix apps work.




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